This was a quick experiment to take the cver VPI implementation, compile it and load it in GHDL. The experiment was successful but was a very limited experiment. Although the VPI was loaded successfully nothing from the VPI interface was accessed.
Need to do some more experiments to test feasibility of the VPI interface.

All source available here.

CFLAGS=-Wall -g -I.

all: run-vpi

myhdl_vpi.o: myhdl_vpi.c
    $(CC) -c -fPIC $(CFLAGS) myhdl_vpi.c

myhdl.vpi: myhdl_vpi.o
    $(CC) --shared -o myhdl.vpi myhdl_vpi.o

    ghdl -a disptree.vhdl
    ghdl -e -Wl,-Wl,-E disptree

run-vpi: myhdl.vpi disptree
    ./disptree --vpi=./myhdl.vpi

    rm -f myhdl_vpi.vpi
    rm -f *.o

    tar cvf vpi-ex-ghdl.tar myhdl_vpi.c Makefile vpi_user.h